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나루호도 사무소


Art by Joël Jurion

Submit a 4 Color Palette!


Hey everyone! After Round 2, we always have a intermission break. During this time though, you’re able to participate in a 4-color palette drawing challenge. 

The rules are simple, the host will show off a palette during the break, and you can use that palette to draw whatever you wish, be it your own character or copyrighted. Just keep it safe for grandma to see. After break time is up, the host will show off all your drawings!

If you’d like to make a palette and submit one for the participants to use, send one to us with your name and we might use it!

Click here to submit a palette!


Here’s an example of what it should look like. Make sure the colors ar ebig enough to see, and put your name on there too so we can give you credit!


I’m offering commissions in this style right here!

$20 for a flat coloring/ $25 for a more painty approach, 3 slots available for now, if there’s enough requests after im finished with the first batch i’ll consider opening more.

I can draw:

  • YOUR creature design
  • ANY animal in the whole world, extinct or not
  • anything you like: monsters or aliens from games, movies, comics. you name it
  • i’m very cool with body horror stuff
  • no humans

Payment to be done after I send a wip. Final file will be the original psd with the layers and you can just do whatever u want with it EXCEPT SELLING IT. size around 3000x4000 pixel at 300dpi. If you’re interested contact me at If i don’t answer you after some hours it may be because of different time zones so dont worry.